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History GBUZ LO “Roshchinsky MB”

Po Antrojo pasaulinio karo, 1945 m., Roščinskis rajonas Leningrad region was formed , the health care of the district was fragmented and represented by several small rural hospitals, FAPs located in various villages of the Roshchinsky district. The centralization of the medical service took place in 1949, when a hospital with 25 beds was opened in the building of the district executive committee. Outpatients were received in the same building. In 1960, a new hospital building was built on Zarechnaya Street in Roshchino settlement with 140 beds – from this period, residents of Roshchino settlement and nearby villages had the opportunity to receive full medical care, as the following departments were included in the new hospital – surgical, therapeutic, children’s, gynecological, infectious and maternity, as well as the Department of neurosis.

Po rekonstrukcijos buvusiame rajono komiteto pastate buvo atidaryta 300 apsilankymų per pamainą poliklinika; be to, 23 pagyvenusi akušerė stations functioned in the villages of the district . Already during this period, the Roshchinsky hospital was the standard of Soviet health care, competent doctors and nurses worked in the structure of the institution, a galaxy of family medical dynasties was formed.

Delegations from other regions and republics of the USSR, as well as foreign delegations from Cuba and Czechoslovakia, came to the hospital to exchange experience. The hospital was the basic institution for internships for students of medical institutes. For the first time in the region, a method of cytological examination of women under the guidance of a doctor Friedman was introduced in the hospital.

However, due to the growing population of the Roshchinsky Territory, there was a shortage of beds and in 1980 the hospital was relocated to the village of Pervomayskoye in the newly rebuilt building of the “50 years of the USSR” poultry farm dispensary, in which the hospital continues to operate to this day.

Today, almost all types of medical care are provided in the hospital, the structure of the hospital includes surgical, traumatological, therapeutic, neurological, cardiological, pediatric and gynecological beds, there is an anesthesiology and intensive care unit, a laboratory where almost all types of clinical and biochemical studies are conducted, an ultrasound diagnostic room , endoscopic cabinet, X-ray room, in which a modern digital apparatus operates, a functional room diagnostics, transfusion therapy room, physiotherapy room.

In the hospital, one of the first in the region to perform laparoscopic surgery, developed and implemented a nosocomial computer program, which greatly facilitated the work of employees, each doctor and nurse of the hospital have a personal computer in the workplace, which can save time and pay more attention to patients.

Darbas ambulatorinis network is constantly being improved , which is a priority in recent years. In 2004, a major overhaul and expansion of the Roshchinsky Polyclinic was carried out, in which, with the active participation of the district administration, modern equipment was purchased – including including expensive laboratory and x-ray.

Šiuo metu Roshchinsky ligoninės struktūrą taip pat sudaro 13 feldšerė-akušerė centers, 2 medical outpatient clinics, 3 general practitioner offices, a branch of the clinic in the village of Pervomaiskoye, a dental department and a denture office. FAPs and outpatient clinics are located in separate villages of the Roshchinsky Territory, which greatly facilitates the provision of medical care to the residents of villages and towns on the ground, in addition, regular visits of Roshchinsky polyclinic specialists to the village are carried out.

Today the hospital employs more than 400 people, of which 76 are doctors, 168 are nurses. Medical workers are constantly improving their qualifications, 49% of doctors and nurses have the highest and first qualification categories, which indicates their high professionalism, indicates that the health of the population is in good hands.