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Įmonės aprašymas

Nuo 2011 m. Daugiadalykinė įmonė ARKADA padeda juridiniams asmenims pasirinkti laikinuosius darbuotojus Maskvoje ir Maskvos regione, taip pat regionuose.

Often, the human resources department or department heads have to spend a lot of time looking for qualified employees. We decided to take on these complex responsibilities. Now you can free up time for solving more important and urgent tasks by instructing us to select personnel in Moscow and Moscow Region.

We have formed a team of like-minded experts of high class, have developed our own system of selection of specialists. The gained experience allows us to immediately provide the customer with those solutions that will help to cope with the problem in the best way. In our database there are people who exactly meet all the requirements for the vacancy of your company:

  • Personalo sandėlyje Maskvoje ir Maskvos srityje;
  • Gamybos personalas Maskvoje ir Maskvos regione;
  • Laikinieji darbuotojai Maskvoje ir Maskvos srityje;
  • Linijos darbuotojai MO.

The main rule is to take into account individual needs, depending on the goals of the clients’ business and, of course, the more complex the more interesting. We do not just select workers and provide teams ready to immediately begin to perform assigned tasks. Our experts analyze a specific situation and offer options that best solve the problem.

Our main service is called staff leasing in Moscow and Moscow Region. In other words, the operational attraction of labor for the short or long term. We believe that our company is the same production company as the company of the Customer. After all, we also undertake obligations to carry out business processes that you transfer to us for external management. Therefore, it is so important for us not only to be one step ahead of our competitors, but also to predict the intentions and desires of our Customers to optimize their costs and efficiently complete production tasks.